Starting out in 1954 as a company specializing in precision optical glass processing, and later expanding into the LCD field too, Mitsuru Optical has with its high precision glass products consistently contributed to the development of industry.

We are involved in the electronics field in processing glass substrates for flat panel displays (FPDs), and in the optical field, in the customized processing of optical glass of various sizes for a wide range of applications. We have accumulated rich experience and know-how, and the quality of our work has consistently earned high marks from our customers.

We shall maintain our efforts to anticipate constantly changing trends and respond rapidly to customer needs, and shall also actively pursue new initiatives with the aim of achieving further growth. We shall at the same time strive to contribute to society as part of our basic philosophy through employing eco-friendly manufacturing practices and promoting the efficient use of resources and energy.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers through supplying products of unfailing quality.

Minoru Watanabe,
President, Mitsuru Optical Co., Ltd.
Mitsuru Optical Co., Ltd.