We order glass from various glass makers in accordance with customer needs.  
  We cut bulk sheet glass supplied by makers into various sizes according to customer needs, and can cut to 1500 x 1500 size if no more than cutting is required.
We can also handle the cutting of color filters and coated substrates.
  We bevel sheet glass, and carry out corner cutting and other outer shape processing according to customer needs. We also carry out rounded beveling and corner cutting. In addition to standard online bevellers, we also have large NC processors for re-beveling and resizing tasks.
Automatic beveler  

Maximum work size : 5th generation (1100 x 1300)
Maximum thickness : Experience with 12 mm
Can handle greater thickness depending on prior consultation

    We inspect all items for conspicuous scratches, flaws in the glass itself, and the results of beveling.  
  Flatness is a crucial requisite of the glass substrates used in LCD manufacture. Our polishing processes eliminate all surface unevenness, scratches and extraneous matter to create a perfectly flat surface.
Mitsuru Optical Co., Ltd.