We order glass from various glass makers in accordance with customer needs.  
    Glass types: SCHOTT B270 Superwite, SCHOTT TEMPAX Float
Alkali-free glasses such as Corning Pyrex 7740 and 1737
Soda lime glass, synthetic quartzes, BK7, Hoya materials, etc.
  We cut bulk sheet glass supplied by makers into various sizes according to customer needs.
We bevel sheet glass, and carry out corner cutting and other edge processing according to customer needs.
Automatic beveler   NC processor   Dicing saw
    We carry out inspection to identify and remove any products with imperfections caused by beveling and other shaping processes.  
  The optical glass field features products with a wide range of thicknesses and thickness tolerances. As such, we shape bulk glass to create glass materials tailored to the needs of our customers.
  We polish glass to the meet customer needs for surface smoothness, parallelism, flatness, precision and thickness.

Mitsuru Optical Co., Ltd.