For organic EL displays and other applications, we polish ITO films to single angstrom precision to eliminate any surface unevenness.  
    We can eliminate even nano-level imperfections to create what are to all intents and purposes flawless surfaces.  
  We polish panels to designated thicknesses to reduce panel weight, etc. We also polish and restore panels rejected for etching scratches and other reasons. Edge beveling also helps to strengthen the product through preventing cracks originating from the cut edge and so forth.  
    We remove color filter coatings that have become scratched or otherwise flawed, and polish substrates to restore them as usable mother glass.  
  We undertake the re-cutting of stock that can no longer be used due to model or standard changes, cutting and shaping according to customer needs to support effective re-use.  

We undertake beveling (both round and linear) and corner cutting (both C and R) up to 1300 mm x 1300 mm size. We can re-process edges of panels rejected for right-angle and beveling defects, or chipping etc. to enable their re-use.
Example: 1300 mm x 1300 mm x 0.4 t-12 t
(Even greater thicknesses can be handled by changing wheels)

  We can rapidly reduce the thickness of glass substrates up to φ 1250 mm using our large-scale special purpose processing machine.
Examples: 900 mm x 840 mm, 880 mm x 880 mm, φ 1250 mm etc.
    We undertake re-polishing of the rear surfaces of ITO-coated substrates that can't be used due to rear-surface scratching, etc. Rear surface polishing also helps improve flatness and remove stains, etc.  

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